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All Island Picture of the Year

Thanks to Christian Beasley for uploading this, the final judging from this years’ all Island picture of the year competition. Well done to all the winners, and to everyone to took part.

New Website

We hope you like the new look of the website, new member Claire Kay has kindly revamped and updated the whole site, which now boasts a image slider on the home page a gallery displaying members galleries, which will be added to.

We will be having some other galleries to show, beginner, intermediate and advanced photographic skills.

Please viewing the website will be able to subscribe to our blog and we can turn on or off the comments. Members will even be able to add their own content if they wish. Claire will show you how to do this is you fancy managing your own gallery.

If you have any comments please email Claire at
New Focus website

Roll of Honour Award

Bob Newcombe Iright) is receives his award from John Hodge.

Bob Newcombe (right) receives his award from John Hodge.

Congratulations to our Honorary President, Robert Newcombe, who, on Wednesday evening, was presented with a Roll of Honour Award by John Hodge< President of the Southern Counties Photographic Federation. More details to follow.










April Committee Meeting

Committee meeting 2nd April 2014

Present: Nigel Twine, Ken Stone, Viv Please, Pete Bridle, Pat Luckett, Sheila Woodford.

Jack Skeel Competition:
All B/W images retained after Library exhibition, together with several others also made available for selection, were all reviewed. The ten shown below are those chosen as the club’s entry:

Hidden Church – Dennis Wavell Elean Donan Castle – Dennis Wavell
Susie Too – Peter Bridle So that’s where I left the car! Peter Bridle
Closed Doors (back of the York) – Peter Bridle The Old Boathouse – Sheila Woodford
On the fence – Sheila Woodford Weatherworn – Sheila Woodford
Resistance – Roy Smith Woodmouse – Dave Talbot

After the chance sighting of an advert by Ryde Council inviting local community groups to bid for a share in the last round of grant funding for this financial year, the club submitted a bid and have been awarded £100. We can apply for further Council grant money in future. At this evening’s meeting, NT also said he intends to re-submit an application for a Lottery grant.

Several members have been looking into likely costs again and discussion followed re priority of equipment. VP advised that as things currently stand, there should be around £315 in our account at the end of May some of which could probably be put towards new equipment. SW said it had been suggested that holding a raffle at our meetings might also be a way of raising additional funds.

KS is unable to continue as Competition Secretary but will stay on the committee. PB was asked if he would consider taking over but felt he could not now fully commit to it. The role is becoming more involved and it was suggested that perhaps this could be shared i.e. one person dealing with our own club competitions and another specifically to attend to the inter-club competitions/Southern Counties Fed League etc. This will be decided shortly and also the roles and responsibilities of all committee members are also to be clarified.

2014/15 programme:
NT had collated all suggestions for 2014/15 competitions etc., and the basis of our main programme was set out. As discussed previously, one of these competitions will be for digital images. Hopefully this will then provide the choice for our entry to the inter-club Panel of Five competition next year. Everyone will be given full information in advance as to how their images should be submitted.

Meeting closed.

Committee meeting

Focus Committee meeting – Thursday 20th February 2014

Present: Nigel Twine, Peter Bridle, Pat Luckett, Ken Stone, Sheila Woodford

Apologies: Viv Please

Meeting arranged to make choice of images for the Focus entry to inter-club Panel of Five competition. For the first time, this year the club will submit images for both the Print and Projected image categories.

It was decided to select our entry from images submitted to club competitions Any Red Will Do and the B/W Dereliction and Decay. Both had provided a good set of images for judges to critique. After review and discussion, not only on the merits of individual images but the five of each which would give two balanced panels, the following were chosen:

Printed image: (B/W)
Title – Dereliction and Decay
Vectis Hall – Pete Bridle
Royal York Doors – Pete Bridle
Old Pier Yarmouth – Roy Smith
Weather Worn – Sheila Woodford
Old Boathouse – Sheila Woodford

Projected Image: (Col)
Title – Simply Red*
Hot Seat – Debbie Stone
Tulip – Pete Bridle
Sails – Pat Luckett
Red Guitar – Arthur Moore
Just Resting – Sheila Woodford
*The slightly ‘punchier’ title change from club comp suggested by PB

(Not all Minuted titles may be recorded accurately here)

Referring to an email received from SSDCC, SW asked whether a check should be made on overall mount size quoted for the prints and also what dimensions the projected images should be. KS to follow this up.

Our annual month long exhibition at Ryde Library will be assembled on Saturday March 1st (approx. 9-45a.m. start). NT said that currently he, Viv and Bob are storing the frames. KS to prepare labels and SW will email members with a reminder that we really would like to have two images from everyone; also repeating the request that these are brought to the club next Wednesday (Feb 26th) allowing framing to be completed in advance, rather than a last minute panic…..

PL raised the topic of our Website, saying that the images currently on display have not been added to for some time and put in a request for others to put forward their own images which would help to keep the website fresh. Also, although several of her own images had been submitted, she was unable to view them. SW said she felt sure she had seen them in the gallery in the past but said she would ask the Webmaster to check.

The website in general was discussed. SW said that Minutes are now being posted and that if there is anyone else who may have a Focus report or written copy she is willing to post that too. However, although this is the limit of her website expertise! ……… reiterated that although Fay (Webmaster) is no longer a member of the club, at the time of leaving she had said she was willing to continue with ‘the background stuff’ to keep the website ticking over for us. SW will check to confirm that this is still the case.

Meeting closed.

Sheila Woodford

Minutes of Committee meeting 15th January 2014

Committee meeting Wednesday 15th January 2014

Present: Ken Stone, Peter Bridle, Viv Please and Sheila Woodford.

Apologies: Nigel Twine and Pat Luckett who were both unwell and unable to attend.

The meeting had been arranged to decide on images for our entry to the IPC Cup. Several members had offered work for consideration, allowing a good range and choice of images, all of which were viewed and reviewed until our final selection was agreed. Ken said he would email club members before the competition to let them know the titles of our ten entries submitted.

On the night of the competition itself, our room at the Community Centre will be open from 6.45pm, allowing plenty of time to set up. Although there will not be a raffle, tea and cakes will be available for mid-evening refreshments and we will ask for a suggested 50p donation towards costs. Proceeds from this will be added to funds.

The Panel of Five competition for both print and separately projected images was also discussed. There must be some link between each of the five images submitted. It was felt that a possible option for our print entry might be to select images from those entered for ‘Any Red Will Do’ but no decision has been taken on this, or any alternative, yet. The club has not submitted work for inclusion in the projected category before but are working towards an entry this year.

Again a linking theme is required and a few ideas were put forward including the possibility of perhaps being able to use images from those entered in Decay & Dereliction competition on 15th Feb. Alternatively, a specific project could be set up. It was suggested that perhaps club members may be able meet at an agreed place of interest/sport or activity. Everyone would be asked to capture images from different viewpoints and then after reviewing images, a decision on the five best suited would be used. No decision made at this meeting.

There was no further business.

Meeting closed. SW

IPC Trophy 2014

Richard Loaring Chairman of Sandown Shanklin and District Camera club receives trophy

Richard Loaring Chairman of Sandown Shanklin and District Camera club was presented with the new trophy by  Steve Brown of Island Photographic Centre

On Wednesday 22nd January a recently renamed competition sponsored by IPC (Island Photo Centre) took place at Binstead Community centre. Hosted by Focus Ryde Imaging Group, five other island clubs were invited to submit entries to win the IPC trophy. After a very close contest the 50 prints, judged by Dave Betts, saw Sandown and Shanklin CC the victors by half a mark, closely beating the hosts! The other participating clubs were Isle of Wight Photographic Society, Niton and District CC and Wight Balance Photography Plus.








Committee meeting 12/9/13

Present: Nigel Twine, Ken Stone, Pat Luckett, Peter Bridle and Sheila Woodford. Viv Please unable to attend.
(It was also mentioned that since the AGM, Fay Woodford has said, for the time being at least, she is unable to continue with her membership at the club but she is willing to maintain the website gallery and ‘behind the scenes’ details updated for us if required.)

Meeting held to decide on the club’s entry for the Southern Counties Photographic Federation’s 2013/14 League competition where the
deadline for submission of work is 1st October. Eight images per club are required.

Thanks to the members who offered work for consideration, there was a good choice of images and this led to lengthy discussion as to which of these should be submitted as our entry .

To celebrate their 50th Anniversary year the SCPF are planning to have a book printed and hope that all member clubs within the region will offer at least a brief history of their

own club and if possible a few images. Nigel said he had been in touch with the organisers, sent them details of the club and would also be forwarding a few images for

their consideration.

Meeting closed.

Sheila Woodford

AGM 22nd May 2013

Committee present: Nigel Twine, Viv Please, Pat Luckett, Fay Woodford, Bob Newcombe, Sheila Woodford.


Apologies: from Debbie Stone, Kevin Etherington and Arthur Moore.  

Members present were all handed a copy of the accounts and the minutes of last year’s AGM,  together with a draft programme for next season, including details of our summer activities.


Chairman’s Report:  In his yearly report, Nigel said at the start of the current year, there were 24 members enrolled but since then the number in regular attendance has reduced.  He hopes a few more members can be encouraged and that it will include more ladies  – there are only six at present –  and also, perhaps some younger people too. 


In March the club staged the annual exhibition at Ryde Library; the standard of images was high and the reviews noted in the visitors book were all good.


We entered images to four inter-club competitions over the past year but without a great deal of success.  The committee felt we should perhaps try a different approach, so for the next Panel of Five competition, there will be the set subject to work towards.  Members will be asked to submit their images to the committee by Christmas then a decision will be made on the five that fit together best as a panel.  Nigel said the required eight images for inclusion in the Southern Federation League PDI competition must be submitted to the SPF by October.  Almost as soon as the new Focus season begins in September, he will ask members to submit images, then a choice can be made for our competition entry.  We are currently in division 7.


There was only one print handed in for the Jack Skeel competition, but as our exhibition at Ryde Library had just come to a close, Nigel also submitted the black and white images which had been on display.   On the night of the competition the judge had held three or four images back for a further final critique at the end – one of them by Sheila Woodford – each of them were awarded 10/10 points.   The author of the image judged best overall in the competition this year was Brian Williams (IW Photographic Society).  


Last autumn the club approached the Southern Photographic Federation to ask whether there was any chance of them bringing their judging tutorial to the Island.  The reply was ‘yes’, and the event took place on April 28th this year.  On the SPF’s recommendation, this was for a small group only and nine people from various Island clubs were quick to register their interest and took part on the day.  The tutorial was led by Ken Scott, Roy Lambeth and Paul Bradley.  Tutors and participants alike all said they had enjoyed the day and that it had been a great success.


Nigel gave information of his recent attendance at a meeting at The Hub in Newport, where he met with members of several other Island photographic clubs.  This had been an idea for communication between groups first suggested by the Focus group’s Competition Secretary Kevin Etherington.  One of the topics discussed by the reps was that the numbers of prints submitted to competitions is falling and the use of PDI’s is being considered for wider use in the future. 


If that is the case, then at Focus members will probably be asked to submit their entries to the competition secretary two weeks beforehand, allowing time for assembly in readiness for the competition evening.  In the meantime, we may well have to ask members to submit three prints, otherwise on competition nights the judge could have very few prints to critique. Wherever three images are submitted, the best two scoring will be those which count towards the End of Year Points competition.  


Election of Committee: Nigel confirmed that both Bob Newcombe and Kevin Etherington have now resigned from their posts.


By a show of hands, the following members were then voted to the committee posts as listed.


Chairman – Nigel Twine

Secretary – Sheila Woodford

Treasurer – Viv Please

Competition Secretary – Ken Stone

Membership Secretary– Pat Luckett

Webmaster – Fay Woodford

Committee member – Pete Bridle


Following this, and as had been previously discussed several weeks ago by members of the club in his absence, Bob Newcombe was told that although he had stepped down from the committee, we had all agreed we would like him to take on a new role created for him, that of Honorary Lifetime Presidency.  Bob was obviously surprised by this but has accepted, with his thanks. 


Although Debbie Stone was unable to attend this meeting, Nigel said we all appreciated the work she put in arranging for refreshments and asked Ken to pass on our thanks.  He also thanked Fay Woodford for originally setting up the website and keeping the information updated, adding that new images for the site would be appreciated and can be forwarded to Fay.


Arising from balance sheet:  Before handing over to Viv Please to deliver the club’s account, Nigel said it had been hoped to keep the club’s subscription charges at £15.00.  However, after Viv had read through the various incomings/outgoings Bob Newcombe questioned, in view of the final figures shown, whether the club would be running at a loss if the subscription fees were not raised.  Costs for room hire at Binstead Community Centre are to be increased and, with or without any grant being available, for some time now the club have been hoping to raise enough funds to buy a better projector.  Costs this season have already eaten into some saved funds, which would leave us with much less in the kitty if we held subs down.  Bob suggested the subscription fee should in fact be raised to £20 but Fay felt this was too high.  Other members agreed that keeping to the current subscription would only mean digging deeper in future and that there should be some increase.   After discussion, the figure of an £18 subscription wasagreed for the coming year and the cost of refreshments will also go up to 50p each per week. 


Members present had all been given copies of the accounts, minutes of last year’s AGM, and a draft of the programme for next season, including details of our summer activities. 





Meeting closed. 


Sheila Woodford

Secretary, Focus Ryde Imaging.  

2013/2014 timetable

11th Sept – Season welcome, payment of subs and self-judging the Photo Marathon.

25th Sept – Open (col) comp – judge Dave Betts

9th Oct – Talk and images of Antarctica by Stuart Bennett

23rd Oct – Open (b/w) comp – judge Brian Williams

15th Nov (Fri) – All Island Pic of Year– judge Jon Mitchell

27th Nov – Human Hands (col or b/w) comp – judge Paul Bradley

11th Dec – Battle of the Sexes – referee Keith Walker

8th Jan – Any Red Will Do comp – judge Mike Penrith

22nd Jan – Jessops Cup – judge Dave Betts

12th Feb – Decay and Dereliction (b/w) comp – judge Jon Mitchell

26th Feb – SCPF League – judge Barry Day

12th Mar – Portrait photography – presented by Pete Bridle and Dennis Wavell

26th Mar – Island Landscape (col) comp – judge Brian Williams

9th Apr – CSI talk presented by Eric Cooper

23rd Apr – Open (col or b/w) comp judge Keith Walker

14th May – Critique evening or possible presentation of IW slide-show by Joan Williams tbc

28th May – End of Year comp judge TBA

Summer Timetable

June 5th – East Cowes. Meet at 1900 at Maresfield Rd Car Park. Theme of architecture keeping the panel of 5 in mind.
June 23rd – Fort Victoria. Meet at 1000 for a coastal walk into Yarmouth. Afternoon is a NGS walk at Dog Kennel Cottage Gardens, Thorley (po41 0uh).
July 14th – Bembridge Fort. Meet at 1000 at top of Culver down
July 24th – Carisbrooke. Mett at high st car park 1900 for a walk around town
August 11th – Photo Marathon. Meet at Community Centre 1000 for our (now traditional?) competition day
August 21st – Appley. Meet at 1900 St Thomas Car Park, Ryde for a walk along the front for low light photography.


End of Year print:
3rd – Daddy Long Legs, Debbie Stone
2nd – Bygone Days, Nigel Twine
1st – Sugar, Sugar, Dave Talbot

3rd – Blue Guitar, Arthur Moore
2nd – Music Man, Fay Woodford
1st – Sunny Afternoon, Ken Stone

Overall print of the year winner: Ken Stone

Trophies for the seasons’ points were presented to:
3rd – Debbie Stone (71.5)
2nd – Dave Talbot (73)
1st – Bridget Lewis (74) – promoted to A group

3rd – Ken Stone & Sheila Woodford (72)
2nd – Arthur Moore (73.5)
1st – Pete Bridle (74.5)

End of Year competition

A reminder that the End of Year competition takes place on Wednesday 22nd May. Automatically eligible for this competition are all images awarded a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in Focus competitions over this last season (in both the B and A sections).

Club members whose images throughout the year may not have been placed in the top three are encouraged to enter one image of their choice into the End of Year competition. Again, only images submitted into Focus competitions over the previous season are eligible and, depending upon what the judge is looking for, any one of them could still walk away with top honours on the night …….. just like last year.

April 24th: Arthurs Show & Tell!

Arthur Moore, who moved to the Island and became a member of Focus club almost a year ago now, recently offered to take us on a trip down his memory lane of photography- and what a real treat it was!

From his images submitted to club and other local competitions since joining, we already knew he was a very accomplished photographer and his presentation last Wednesday evening gave us a glimpse into the much wider range of his work taken in the UK and abroad over the last 50 years or so. As each image was displayed Arthur gave background information and detail into its capture and also told the group that although he has dabbled working in RAW, his choice and the vast majority of his work is in jpg format. Arthur also said he doesn’t often ‘fiddle about much’ manipulating his work after download either but that he would be honest and tell us wherever he had done so. There were very few.

Among these memorable images there are several which have won merit and awards within the UK and there are others which have been published over the years too – but Arthur is very modest of his achievements and success.
A VERY enjoyable and entertaining evening which was also attended by Arthur’s son and daughter in law who had not been able to see a great deal of this work before. Hopefully they enjoyed the evening as much we did. Thank you Arthur.

April 10th: Song Title

Colour competition judged by Keith Walker.

A humourous evening – as we’d come to expect no less from Mr Walker.

b winners

b winners

Scores are as follows:
A group:
Fay Woodford: pictures of lily 9 wish you were here 8.5
Sheila Woodford: time warp 9.5 I’d like to be a busy, busy bee 9
Ken Stone: sunny afternoon 10
Arthur Moore: blue guitar 10 ring a ring a roses 9.5

B group:
Bridget Lewis: the man in the mirror 8 ticket to ryde 9.5
Mike Jennings: firestarter 8.5 whiskey in the jar 9.5
Dave Talbot: needles and pins 9 sugar sugar 10 the tide is high 8
Debbie Stone: little boxes 8.5 blowin’ in the wind 8.5

Well done to all!

March 13th: Hot or Cold

a winners

a winners

Colour competition, judged by Nick Henry

Scores are as follows:

A group:
Bob Newcombe: cold of course 6 ice roll 7
Fay Woodford: ice burn 8 wootton bridge 7.5
Sheila Woodford: red hot chilli peppers 7.5 on the slopes 8
Ken Stone bare trees 10 cold shoulder 8
Arthur Moore kjenndalen glacier 8 breakfast at osbourne 7.5
Pete Bridle melkevoll glacier 10 hot shoes 8.5

B group:
Roy Smith: “red robin” snowcapped 8
Dave Talbot hot soup 9 cold beer 8.5

Pete Bridle’sTalk

Peter came with quite a number of mounted prints which he put up in the stand & laid out on the tables. One was made up of multiple repeat images of the same portrait, until you looked again – just one was facing the other way – deceptive. There was a gorgeous seascape – Yaverland end of Sandown Bay – beautifully balanced, clean, open view &, in common with the rest, perfectly composed.

The bulk of his images were displayed digitally, though this, we soon discovered, did not mean that originally they were digital. Far from it! Before he moved to the future Peter was old school film with his own darkroom. Many of the resulting images gave lie to Photoshop giving birth to photographic manipulation. Methods of ‘burning’ included using flame &/or acid* straight onto the film image. Fantastic pictures were the reward. In others 2 shots: i.e. a great sky from one & scenic foreground from another, were married together seamlessly to stunning effect.

At the end the applause was given with the enthusiasm that can only come from a highly appreciative audience. Well done Peter!

*See comment below

SPF judging

Jon Mitchell’s expertise was called upon to judge the recent round of the Southern Photographic Federation league division 7 competition held at Focus Ryde Imaging on 27th February.  Congratulations go to Jersey and North Hants camera clubs who, when scores had been added, had both amassed 67.5 points.

This competition included some memorable images.

Clayton Bastiani

After a tip-off from one of our members, Island born photographer Clayton Bastiani was approached and asked if he would consider giving a talk about his work to our members. He cautiously agreed, saying he’d never given any talks before but that he would come along and do his best. So he did, recently.

Clayton, who at the time was still on cloud nine at having recently been named by Black and White Magazine as their Black and White Photographer of 2012, told us about his work as a fine art photographer, explaining the processes behind the images he has produced and which are now to be seen on the dust jackets of many of the books sold around the world. With his work being submitted to a stock library, apparently it is not unusual to discover that the subject of any one of images may be adapted to suit more than just one title, which we could see from the books which Clayton had brought along as examples.

A good insight into Clayton’s life, work and experimental imagery and a very interesting evening overall.’

Open – B&W

Scores are as follows:

A group:
Fay Woodford: look of concentration 9.5
Sheila Woodford: snowcapped 10
Ken Stone: whoosh 8 watergate 8.5
Dennis Wavell: wine on parade 9 patio in flood at night 10
Pete Bridle: ghost horses 9 opening time 9

B group:
Nigel Twine: weathered groynes 8.5 I’ve had enough 8.5
Roy Smith close encounter 9 silhouette 10
Bridget Lewis: post in a puddle 9 venice waterline 8
Dave Talbot: spring tide, ryde 9.5 muddy pig 8
Debbie Stone: daddy long legs 9

Nov 28th – Night (col or b&w)

There was a warm welcome, on a chilly night, for a new judge to our club tonight: Paul Bradley took to the front for the first time, for a very well received critiquing of our images. The beginners section was dominated by the ladies. Bridget Lewis took 2nd place with “the view from the back”, while Debbie Stone picked up 3rd and 1st for  “Swings & roundabouts” and “Big Wheel Reflection” respectively.
The advanced section was won by Fay Woodford with “Bright Spark” and Peter Bridle with “St Colemans cathedral, Cobh”. Arthur Moore took the 2nd place with “Bridgenorth ghost”, and Pete scored a joint third with Dennis Wavell with “Searching” and “Lifeboat station lights” respectively.
Hopefully not the last we will see of Paul, his judging, and reasoning for his marking, was tip top!
The next meeting will be on Weds 12th – the much contested, and hard(ly?) fought Battle of the Sexes, and the next competition is in the new year and will be an open (b&w/mono) affair.
See you all then!

All Island Picture of the Year – Results


The annual gathering of Island photography groups took place on Friday November 16th this year. It was a well attended (though smaller than last year) event with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The judge this year was David Betts, a well known and established Island photographer with many years experience in photography and judging competitions.


The quality of the entrants was high as always with many images held back to be whittled down to his final selections. Both colour and monochrome sections ended with joint third places.


In the black and white /monochrome competition:

1st place goes to  Christian Beasley (WightBalance) with “In-spire-ation”,
2nd is Brian Hamilton with “Angels Are Waiting”,
3rd is a joint win between Paul Lucas (Niton) with “The Little Princess” and Barrie Jolliffe (Niton) with” Monsieur Ric-hard”

In the colour competition:

1st place goes to Christian Beasley (WightBalance) with “Cricket But Not As We Know It”,
2nd goes to Arthur Moore with (Focus) “Meercat In Approaching Storm” (presented on the night to …..),
3rd is a joint win between Paul Tucker with “Three Pronged Attack” and Fay Woodford (Focus) with “Stalker” (presented on the night to Sheila Woodford)

The overall winner is – not surprisingly – Christian Beasley with “Cricket, But Not As We Know It” (pictured above with both his winning prints). Many congratulations to Christian, thanks to all who entered and David for judging , and we hope to see everyone again next year!
Christian has also taken a video of the night and posted it here:

All Island Picture of the Year

It’s November which can only mean one thing… Children in Need! Oh and the All Island Picture of the Year competition.

Full members from the Islands recognised camera clubs are invited to submit images to the competition to be judged, this year by David Betts, on Friday the 16th of November. It is to be held at Binstead Community Centre (main hall) at 7.30pm.

Members are allowed to submit up to 4 pieces of work, 2 colour prints and 2 black & white,which should be mounted; there is no distinction between “advanced” and “junior/beginners”, all entrants will be judged equally.

The competition was originally started by Bembridge camera club, and has now been adopted by Focus. Kevin Etherington (Focus Competitions secretary) has supplied the following entry rules:

  • Any Island Photographic, Digital and Camera club can enter.
  • Prints submitted must be by a fully paid member of said clubs.
  • Even though the prints entered are from a member of said clubs, The prints stand alone for the individual member and are not club related.
  • Four prints are permitted from each member, two of Colour and two of Black and White (Monochrome, Duo-tone, Tri-tone ).
  • There are no time limit on when the prints were taken and there is no limit on the amount of previous competitions the prints have entered before but must not have been entered in past All Island Picture/Print of the Year competitions.
  • Mount size is up to 16 x 20
  • Name of author and print title to be put on the back of print or mount and clearly legible ( there is no need to submit titles ahead of time )
  • All Black and White images will be judged and a 1st, 2nd and 3rd will be selected.
  • All coloured  images will be judged and a 1st, 2nd and 3rd will be selected. Then the 1st placed Black and White print  will be judged against the 1st placed coloured print and an overall winner will be chosen to become the All Island Print of the Year.

There will also be a raffle, a well as teas & coffees with all proceeds going the the hospice.

Last years’ results can be found here:

October 24th – Texture (B&W)

With many thanks to our last-minute drafted in judge, Keith Walker, we had a humorous evening with some top class images, many from our newer members.

The beginners section was won by Bridget Lewis for her image “Old Rope”. Second was taken by Debbie Stone for “Seeds” (both pictured), who also had a third-placed image “By The Canal” joint with Nigel Twine with “Spiky”. Well done ladies, we’ll need plenty more of that for Decembers’ battle of the sexes!





The advanced group was almost dominated by newcomers to Focus: Arthur Moore and Pete Bridle took thirds for “Hello Boys” and “Mushroom Detail”. Arthur took second for “the Widow” (pictured), and newly promoted to advanced Ken Stone took top marks for “Woody Shell” (pictured), Well done to everyone!





The next meeting is the “All Island Picture of the Year” inter club competition, being judged by Dave Betts on Friday 16th Nov in the main community hall. The next Club competition is “Night” being judged by “Paul Bradley”.


Talk – Jon Mitchell

Jon Mitchell has judged several of our competitions over the years but on 24th October he brought some of his own images in presentation for us.

Beginning with a selection that he had captured at various sites of scenic interest mainly in and around Kent and Sussex, after our customary ‘refreshment break’ Jon then treated us to a set of wonderful, often eye-opening, images which he had captured during his recent trip India.

From the simply stunning beauty of the Taj Mahal and the people, sights, colours and everyday living of the area, out into remote country, in search of tigers ‘On (photographic) safari’.   All of this accompanied by interesting background and sensitive commentary, together with plenty of humour of course!

A really good evening.  Thank you Jon.

Sept 26th – Open competition (Colour)

The first competition of the year kicked off with judge Brian Williams taking the front. An excellent start to the season, and some fabulous images from both groups.

The Beginners group was won by Nigel Twin for “Bygone days” and joint with him was Roy Smith for “Enchanted vista”. The only 9.5 of the group was taken by Dave Talbot for “Pollinators”, and joint 3rd was shard by Bridget Lewis, Mike Jennings and Derek Sandy for “High and Dry” & “Dave Phillipson, Paralympian”, “Nice Day Out” and, “Evening Sky” respectively.

The advanced group was won by Dennis Wavell and Bob Newcombe with “White-legged Damselfly” and “The Gallery”. Bob took 9.5 for “The Boys”, while 3rd was shared by Sheila Woodford for “A Natural Smile” and Ken Stone for “A Bridge With A View”.

Next up is a talk from Jon Mitchell, followed by a “texture” competition on the 24th.


:pics to follow:


I have been *very* lax at getting our updates on here this month, so sorry everyone! I will set to it now!

(If anyone else from the club wishes to post anything up on here, just register and let me know so I can approve it!)



First comp of the season

Don’t forget! It’s an open colour comp tonight, bring along 2 fabulous images and you could win big prizes!*


*Prizes may not actually exist

Marathon Results

Well done to Viv Please for winning the best individual image taken during our photomarathon in July, and to Bridget Lewis for taking the best overall set.

Hope to see you both, along with more entrants next year!

[pics to follow]

Going Back….

Just to remind everyone that ‘Focus’ starts this week – same time, same place etc., etc.,

Once subs are sorted out and any other business dealt with, as last year we will self-judge the images captured and submitted on the day of our Marathon/Treasure Hunt competition in July. There will again be two small prizes awarded: one for the single picture with the highest total mark overall and another to the author whose set of five images receives the accumulated top score.

The scoring system will be the same as before – just bring your own pen please!


Next Outing!

Thursday 9th we are planning a trip to the next Robin hill illuminated event “Ambient August“.


Ambient August

From the 31st July, and then every Tuesday & Thursday in August from 7.30pm until 10.15pm, Robin Hill opens for our Electric Woods: Ambient August

…Warm August evenings fade into dusk…the Robin Hill woodlands begin to radiate with a spectacular glow as the twilight falls and the beautiful ambient lighting brings the winding paths, trees and ponds to nocturnal life.

With over 400 different mesmerising lights, the Electric Woods is certainly something to behold. No expense has been spared to ensure this is a unique dusk experience! We’ve added fantastic entertainment from fire breathers and jugglers, live acoustic music at the woodland gazebo and band on the woodland bowl stage!

There’s also illuminated play areas that will captivate the children and they’ll love the Hogwarts evening magic show at dusk too… Plus don’t miss the amazing ‘Owls by Twilight’ falconry display! All this great entertainment ensures a whole evening of wonder and entertainment for the whole family!

If you feeling peckish, refreshments are available from the woodland bowl bar and delicious locally sourced hot food fresh from the woodland pond griddle is served throughout the evening!

See our gallery of previous ‘Electric woods’ events to have a sneak peek at what’s in store…

Separate admission charges apply. Tickets available on the night.
Ticket Price
Adult (14 years +) £10.00
Child (4 – 13 years) £8.00
Under 4’s FREE
Seniors/Disabled Concessions £8.00

Last admission at 9.00pm

Events subject to cancellation in very wet or windy weather


In a single evening it’s possible to get enough images for the whole seasons worth of competitions!


Hope to see you there…

Photo Marathon

Just a quick Thank You to everyone who came along today – 16 entrants is a good number (and it means we’ve got 80 images to judge in September!). The weather was fabulous, though not necessarily from a photographic point of view, at least we didn’t get rained out this year!

Our topics were:

  • Square,
  • Circles,
  • Pets,
  • Including Red, and
  • Old.

Now comes the fun job of collating them all so we can watch them in the clubhouse!


Robin Hill – Electric Woods, results

From James Crofts, in his own words

The winning photos in the four categories are as follows, accompanied by our head judge, Steve Gascoigne’s (Available Light Photography) comments.

Winner of Best Single Illuminated Tree.

I love the deep blue colour of this image; it reminds me of some underwater coral glowing in the gloom of some deep ocean. Very eerie!

It isn’t 100% sharp, but I don’t feel this detracts and actually adds to the abstract feel of the image, showing that photography isn’t always about pin sharp in focus results.









Winner of Best Illuminated Feature.

The composition of this image is superb. Having the three flowers leading out of the frame as they recede into the distance on a diagonal adds a drama and strong feeling of dynamism to the image. Exposure is spot on too, with detail retained in the lights and no extraneous detail showing in the background. Excellent.









Winner of Woodland Music & Entertainment.

Another strong compositional picture, with the triangular shape of the bench as the base and the two dancers in lime forming the sides with the orange dancer forming the peak of the triangle. The colour pallette of the image is spot on, with the strong colours of the dancers being complimented by the gentle purples and greens of the background. The inclusion of the real statue on the right hand side gives  juxtaposition to the life statues too. Again, exposure is excellent, with good detail in the whole image.




Winner of a Reflective Moment and Overall Winner.

This image for me sums up the feel of Robin Hill’s Electric Woods events. The brief has been fulfilled perfectly, with the reflections of the blue tree and bridge being beautifully framed by the greenery on the bottom two sides of the image.

The top of the tree has been held in frame top left, which adds a full stop to the top of the image, and the placement of the red bridge off centre nicely balances the strong blue of the trees reflection. It would have been tempting to place the bridge dead centre, but this would have led to an unbalanced photograph.

The contrast range of this picture is huge, and the photographer has exposed well to keep detail in all important parts of the image with only the very brightest parts blowing out.

The overall feel of the photograph is almost Monet-esque – a calming image with the natural greens but with the promise of excitement and fun in the strong primary colours. A worthy winner!



A big thanks goes to everyone whom took the time to come and support our event and to enter the competition. The quality of the photos entered was very high and I know Steve and the team had a tough time choosing the winners. I hope everyone had fun taking part, testing your photgraphy skills in an entirely different environment altogether.

James Crofts
Robin Hill Adventure Park and Garde

Images taken by:
John Sparrow (IWDIG) Overall winner
Verena Sparrow (IWDIG) Illuminated tree
Chris Cornford (IWDIG) Entertainment
Fay Woodford (Focus) Illuminated feature

Robin Hill Electric Woods Photo Comp

Don’t forget, we have a ‘night’ theme next year…

Island photo-club members have been invited to view – for free – the “Electric Woods – Blazing June”, at Robin Hill next week. To celebrate this new event, Robin Hill are holding a competition, detailed below, to capture this event and put your low-light photography skills to the test.


Robin Hill presents: The Electric Woods: Blazing June

6th, 7th, 8th & 9th June: 8.30pm-11.00pm.

Be amongst the first to experience our stunning new ‘Electric Woods’! Robin Hill opens its doors publicly for the launch of the first in a brand new series of wondrous and mesmerising evening events – Blazing June.

The ‘Electric Woods’ is an amazing mix of sensational woodland illuminations, carnival style entertainment and live acoustic music. All set in the beautiful, awe inspiring ancient woodland of Robin Hill Adventure Park & Gardens, brought to life by creative lighting, sound and special effects.

Suitable for the whole family the electric woods offers play for the kids – within the illuminated Tree-top Trail, Carp Quay and Squirrel tower, a sensational woodland walk for the adults with entertainment on route, and an eclectic programme of live acoustic music within the atmospheric woodland bowl for everyone to enjoy.

Hot food and refreshments available and pay bar for those whom want to relax, take the weight off and soak in the ambience.

See Robin Hill like you’ve never seen before – you’ll never look at the park in the same light again!

There are four subject classes to take advantage of the stunning photographic opportuntities:

1) Woodland ponds: A reflective moment

2) Best single illuminated tree

3) Woodland music & entertainment

4) Illuminated features

The winning entry in each class will recieve their print on a canvas up to the value of £60 via our canvas print provider Point 101. The overall winner, as deemed by the judges as the best overall photograph, will have their canvas printed up to the value of £100. The winners will get to choose the most appropriate print size nearest the value of their prize. Please see for more information on sizes and prices.
Each winners will also be given two pairs of tickets to return to a subsequent Electric Woods events in 2012. Normal admission fees are £10 per adult and £8 per child for this new experience. This is the first chance for photographers to view the Electric Woods and to test their night time photography skills to the limit in this challenging yet creative dark environment.

Members of Isle of Wight based photography clubs are invited to attend the event on one of the evenings for free* – they can also bring a guest.

*Photographers must present a valid membership card for an Island photographic club or society on entry or register in advance by e-mailing or by calling 01983 556052 before the event. One guest per photographer will also be admitted for free.

National Photography Month:

June is National Photography Month, the first of it’s kind, but hopefully not the last!

“National Photography Month 2012 is the UK’s first nationwide month long celebration of photography. The Photo Marketing Association and Photo Imaging Council are behind this new initiative to help the public understand and appreciate the importance of photography as a medium to ‘capture and keep’ their treasured memories and life’s most important moments.” (all events below copied directly from here)

My School in Focus
National Schools Competition – My School in Focus photographic competition supported by a free resource pack for KS3 Geography Teachers celebrating National Photography Month. The competition is an opportunity for secondary schools to get involved by using photography to engage with key concepts in geography, especially during fieldwork.

My School in Focus is sponsored by Colliers International and supported by Jessops and Canon

London Festival of Photography
London Festival – Running throughout National Photography Month, London’s most celebrated venues Museum of London, British Library, British Museum, Tate Modern, the V&A and more…will play host to a world-class, city-wide celebration of photography. Encompassing street, documentary and conceptual photography, the festival includes 18 exhibitions and 40 satellite events including workshops, talks and

Nationwide in-store promotions – Asda are backing National Photography Month with a nationwide in-store promotion – Buy 50 1 hour prints and get a free photo gift to the value of £10 and Asda Photo Gifts are launching a full wrap photo for iPhone 4 and 3, and Galaxy S2 cases together with a range of photo mugs, cushions, banners and bags.

Fuji Digital Imaging Services
Golden Moments – photo competition offers local prizes and the opportunity to enter the national competition with prizes of Fujifilm Finepix X-10 cameras. View More Info Here

Royal Photographic Society
Aimed at the photography enthusiast – the Royal Photographic Society to provide retailers with enthusiastic speakers on a range of topics. The Royal Photographic Society has a long history and is well respected as an educational charity promoting both the art and science of photography.

Nationwide in-store promotions and sponsorship of My School in Focus

London College of Contemporary Arts
Work shops/master classes.

London Camera Exchange
Nationwide in store demonstration days during June.

National Geographic
Launch of new childrens photo album “my amazing life in photos.

Raymond Reid
During National Photography Month Raymond Reid Photo are offering every second same size print 4″ x 6″ to 8″ x 12″ for one penny and every second 35 mm film developed and printed for one penny.

They are also are offering a 10% discount on the purchase of all other goods and services over £10.

Raymond Reid PHOTO, 20 High Street, Haslemere, Surrey, GU27 2HJ
Telephone (Office) 01428 643353 | Telephone (Shop) 01428 651432

Park Cameras
Park Cameras have a Schools Competition open to schools in East and West Sussex they also have the following in-store offers:

Week 1: 7×5″ prints at the same price as 6×4″ prints.
Week 2: 20% off any canvass.
Week 3: 15% off poster prints.
Week 4: Buy 50 prints and receive 10 extra free

Park Cameras, York Road, Victoria Business Parking, Burges Hill, West Sussex RH15 9TT
01444 237070

Open and Shut – Early Bird Café – Camden Town
Aruna Khanzada holds a session every Tuesday at the Early Bird Cafe in Chalk Farm in London for 2 hours. It is a drop in session and is free (there is a poor box but no obligation!) to come and get ideas and tips for making one’s own personal photo legacy.

Phone: 07979802718. Website link to the workshops:


The last night of the Focus group’s competitive year was a busy one and began with the AGM.  After the official Reports were discussed and the committee for the coming year appointed (all re-elected) before moving on to the End of Year competition, Jenny Kendall, a club member for several years, was presented with a floral arrangement in appreciation of her contribution to the club and for organising mid-evening refreshments – plus baking a delicious cake or two on more than one occasion!  As Jenny is no longer able to continue with her membership at present she was warmly thanked by everyone.

Brian Williams was there to judge this final competition for us.  All images placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd since last September were submitted and anyone without a top three place this year could enter a piece of their work which had been entered during 2011/12 season.

Having viewed and critiqued all submitted images, Brian’s chose Roy Smith as the B section Winner and Jenny Kendall as the A section winner. The overall winner this year, as it turned out, very fittingly, was presented to Jenny Kendall.
Throughout the year, in most of our competitions, points are awarded to each image judged and at the AGM awards are presented to those members with the top three scores, in both the Beginners and Advanced sections.  This year the results were:

Advanced group:
1st (joint) Kevin Etherington and Fay Woodford
2nd  Sheila Woodford
3rd  Dennis Wavell

Beginners group:
1st  Ken Stone
2nd  Mike Jennings
3rd Pat Luckett

Ken Stone is now automatically promoted to the Advanced group.

Calling all members!!

Don’t forget, this Wednesday (May 23rd) will be the club AGM, prize-giving and “end of the year” competition. Anyone who has had a 1st, 2nd or 3rd placed picture, or if you’ve had none of those, bring something that you are proud of to enter. It’s a no-points competition to find the overall winning image of the season .

We will also be discussing the summer timetable, including the Photo Marathon and other walks and events we will be holding, as well as handing out the new 2012/2013 competition titles.

Judging the Judge – talk from Keith Walker

Our long-standing judge and friend of the club, Keith Walker, gave us a whistle-stop tour of his own photographic works on May 10th, showing us his progression over the years to what qualifies him to judge our works today.

There was a huge range on display, from his work photographing lifeboats for the RNLI to his journeys along the Cowes-Newport cycletrack at dawn.

It was an enjoyable and interesting evening, with a nice splash of red.

April 25th – Architectural (B&W)


Another enjoyable evening, fronted by long-time focus judge Pete Bridle on the topic of “architectural” in black and white. The beginners group was well turned out, with many images held back for higher marks. Well done to  Ken Stone and Pat Luckett for their images “Radio Tower” and “Designed According To Purpose” getting top marks (pictured left, top shelf). 9 points were given to Bridget Lewis for “Pillars”, Nigel Twine for “St Pauls” and Pat for “Waiting For The Working Day”.

The advanced group suffered with numbers slightly this week with only 7 entries being judged. The third placed image was “Above The Door” by Sheila Woodford which took 9 points, Kevin Etherington took 9.5 for “Spinnaker” and Fay Woodford took 10 points for “Grand Design” (pictured right).

The next meeting will be a talk from Keith Walker titled “Judging the Judge” on May 9th, and the club AGM will be on May 23rd. Details of summer events will be available shortly.

National Trust Free Weekend

Thanks to my Twitter buddy Matt for the heads up on this one:

This weekend – April 21st & 22nd, the National Trust are offering a voucher for free entry to [most of] it’s properties across the UK. On the Island that means you can have a wander around Bembridge Windmill, Mottistone Manor Garden (only open Sunday), Newtown Old Town Hall (only open Sunday), and The Needles Old Battery & New Battery. The full list of participating places across the country is in the terms and conditions link.

The voucher is available to download from here, check the T&Cs here as you can use it for up to 4 people (2 adults & 2 children).

Don’t forget to take your cameras (as if)!


 Hopefully the forecast improves from the “wet & windy”  they’ve currently pencilled in for us!

March 28th – Macro & Close-Up [colour] competition

An excellent evening judged by our first-time judge Ian Pratt LRPS, who provided some very constructive comments to our images on the night.

The beginners group was won by Ken Stone with his 10-point image “Zest”. Bridget Lewis took 9.5 with “Sunbathing” and “On A Cold And Frosty Morning”. Debbie and Ken Stone each took 9 points for “Frying Tonight” and “Flower Power” respectively.

The advance group was given joint first, with 10 points each going to Kevin Etherington with “Cool Citrus”, Tad Dubicki with “Ladybird Visiting” and Sheila Woodford for “Pollen Count” [pictured]. 9.5 points were awarded to Bob Newcombe for his “Painted Lady”, and Tad took 9 for “The Wasp”.

Well done to everyone and thanks to Ian for his critiquing.

The next competition will be April 25th for Architectural in b&w, judged by Pete Bridle, and we have a talk by accomplished wedding (amongst other things!) photographer and long-time judge David Betts on April 11th.

Wildlife photography competition 2012

Everything below has been copied directly from by Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust. For any additional info please go to their website.

Calling all amateur photographers! We’re looking for the very best wildlife photos taken in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight – and the competition is completely free to enter.

What can I win?

The best photo from each category below will feature in our 2013 wildlife calendar, and the photographer will also win a Swarovski Optic cleaning kit worth £30.

First prize: The overall winner chosen by our judges will receive a fantastic £150 voucher to spend at London Camera  Exchange – Southampton’s leading camera and binocular specialists.

London Camera Exchange - sponsors            Category prize

How do I enter?

Simply upload your JPEG image to the appropriate page on the Hampshire & IOW Wildlife Trust Flickr group, shown in the category list below. It should be a landscape-oriented photograph of native wildlife that fits into one of the 12 categories.


Last date for entries: 15 August 2012

Make sure you read the full terms and conditions before entering, and good luck!

Tutorial – Lighting

With many thanks to our own Kevin Etherington, we were treated to an informative evening explaining how to utilise lights and flash to illuminate subjects in photos.

Kevin had prepared a mini studio setup to explain what lighting techniques photographers use and how to achieve different results, along with real-time images being displayed on the projector allowing us to see exactly what he was taking.

Very enlightening talk – we eagerly await his next presentation!! 😉

Our next evening is a competition on March 28th for macro and close-ups in colour.

Ryde Library Exhibition

Ryde Library

A gallery of images captured by members of Focus will be on display during normal opening hours from today at our annual exhibition upstairs in Ryde Library, George Street and is open until 30th March.

Club members from both the beginner and advanced sections have submitted ~50 images in total.

There is a comments book upstairs if you wish to leave any feedback, along with flyers if you want to learn more about the club or join us.

The exhibition is free to view and everyone is welcome.



Library opening times:

Monday 9.00am – 5.30pm
Tuesday 9.00am – 5.30pm
Wednesday 10.30am – 7.00pm
Thursday CLOSED
Friday 9.00am – 5.30pm
Saturday 9.00am – 5.00pm

Southern Federation League

Being a member of The Southern Photographic Federation we have the opportunity to enter photographic competitions and compete with clubs from the mainland. One such competition Is the PDI’s (projected digital images) that works as a league which is divided into seven divisions, and like any league the aim is to work your way to the top devision by a point system.
In each division there can be up to seven clubs. Each of these clubs enter eight images that we send to the Southern Photographic Federation who then puts all the images from all the clubs in your division on to a CD and send a copy back to all the clubs. Its then up to each club to chose a judge and a night to show the images for judging. No two clubs from the same division can use the same judge and no judge know who the images belong too.
In our division we have seven club’s totalling fifty six images. Each image is judged and given a point, all points are then added up for each club giving a total score and the club with the highest score wins the evening. The total scores are sent back to the Southern Federation, when they have all the results from all the clubs in the division the club with the highest score wins there division which then gives you the chance to move up the league.

We are currently in division six along with Boscombe CC, Lordshill CC, North Hants PS, Prism PC, Spectrum CC and Wokingham & East Berks CC and on our night we came joint fourth with Wokingham & East Berks CC with the winners being Boscombe CC. Our judge for the night was Brian Williams whose comments on the images were fair and informative so thank you Brian and well done to all those that entered.