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April Committee Meeting

Committee meeting 2nd April 2014

Present: Nigel Twine, Ken Stone, Viv Please, Pete Bridle, Pat Luckett, Sheila Woodford.

Jack Skeel Competition:
All B/W images retained after Library exhibition, together with several others also made available for selection, were all reviewed. The ten shown below are those chosen as the club’s entry:

Hidden Church – Dennis Wavell Elean Donan Castle – Dennis Wavell
Susie Too – Peter Bridle So that’s where I left the car! Peter Bridle
Closed Doors (back of the York) – Peter Bridle The Old Boathouse – Sheila Woodford
On the fence – Sheila Woodford Weatherworn – Sheila Woodford
Resistance – Roy Smith Woodmouse – Dave Talbot

After the chance sighting of an advert by Ryde Council inviting local community groups to bid for a share in the last round of grant funding for this financial year, the club submitted a bid and have been awarded £100. We can apply for further Council grant money in future. At this evening’s meeting, NT also said he intends to re-submit an application for a Lottery grant.

Several members have been looking into likely costs again and discussion followed re priority of equipment. VP advised that as things currently stand, there should be around £315 in our account at the end of May some of which could probably be put towards new equipment. SW said it had been suggested that holding a raffle at our meetings might also be a way of raising additional funds.

KS is unable to continue as Competition Secretary but will stay on the committee. PB was asked if he would consider taking over but felt he could not now fully commit to it. The role is becoming more involved and it was suggested that perhaps this could be shared i.e. one person dealing with our own club competitions and another specifically to attend to the inter-club competitions/Southern Counties Fed League etc. This will be decided shortly and also the roles and responsibilities of all committee members are also to be clarified.

2014/15 programme:
NT had collated all suggestions for 2014/15 competitions etc., and the basis of our main programme was set out. As discussed previously, one of these competitions will be for digital images. Hopefully this will then provide the choice for our entry to the inter-club Panel of Five competition next year. Everyone will be given full information in advance as to how their images should be submitted.

Meeting closed.